Nostalgia and City Lights

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Gwen Eleanor

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Back in college, specifically my last year in, I used to live in a dormitory near the university where I was studying. I would roam around the streets of Balanga City whenever I needed some fresh (or rather, slightly-polluted)air to take a break. I preferred having no roommates so I could focus on studying, but it eventually got lonely especially during those days when I have nothing to do. So out I go.

My mother was very strict when I was in high school and would not permit me to go out of the house if it’s not school- or church-related. You see, I am an only child, and a girl at that. I’d tell all kinds of excuses just to get permission to hang out with my friends, who were also my classmates. So when I went to college, it felt so thrilling and liberating to be able…

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Avoiding outer conflict leads to inner conflict.

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Practical Spirituality

Conflict, most people hate it, most people try to avoid it at all costs but conflict in a way can be a productive thing, people that have the ability to disagree, to argue and to come to an agreement not only learn how to learn to deal with conflict better in the future but it also helps the two parties in conflict grow closer and understand each other better.

” Be a nice person, don’t cause trouble” we may have been told that at a young age, or tell ourselves that if we believe we are a ” good” or ” nice” person and it’s true, we shouldn’t go around causing trouble, but sometimes we can take it too far, sometimes we can feel that speaking up for what we want is causing trouble, let me explain.

I personally grew up trying to please people constantly, I always thought that…

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The consequence of conditional happiness

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The Daily Gemm

It often begins with the phrase ‘I’ll be happy when…’.

I’ve done it a multitude of times. I’ve said it about grades, employment, relationships and even my weight. But I’ve come to find that when I finally get the things I’m seeking they don’t actually make me happier.

One east example is from a couple of years ago when I was unemployed and I felt like once I found a job I’d be so much happier. In the end I managed to get 2 part-time jobs yet they failed to bring the fulfillment that I had anticipated.

So then, I ended up busier than I had been before and I still had this great feeling of discontentment.

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Be strong and learn to say NO

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Happiness Inception

The riding analogy means someone else can’t have power over you (ride you like an animal) if you are standing tall and proud. If people are beaten down, or feel they are, their backs are figuratively bent and therefore other people can exploit this weakness. Therefore, be strong and affirmative. It does not imply that you need to be rude and arrogant but be bold enough to state your argument in a logical but firm manner. Never surrender yourself so much so that the other person takes advantage of you.

Few days back I was thinking few days from my past, the sad and horrible days, and why did that happen to me. That was merely because I did not stand firm enough, I did voice enough. And I did not say NO at the right time and that was the time when I fell weak and my trust was…

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It’s All in Your Attitude

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Daryl Roy – LinkedIn

Smiling and laughing are contagious. I’ve seen videos where someone on a bus will start to laugh and all around him start laughing, too, even though they have no clue what is funny. I’ve seen faces of seeming bitter old people break out in a truly wonderful smile when someone smiles at THEM.

I’ve been in a sad state of mind and DECIDED I would smile at people (and animals) wherever I saw them. Not only did most smile back at me, MY spirits were raised, as well!

I have decided that attitude is all in life. You can’t control much of what happens to you and around you. You CAN control your reaction to it. I’m not saying I think one should go around with a silly grin on your face regardless of what is happening around you. I AM saying that many times you…

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When Everyone Abandons You

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The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

A realization came to me in mid-December. Someone I was close to, had spoken to almost every day for a year and a half, began ignoring me. It was easy to notice. I stepped away from all social media not wanting to be reminded that I’m being ignored. Maybe I said something that bothered this person. I apologized the next day, but they never responded. The realization I had, no one outside of work contacted me for almost a week. No one. Apparently, this person was my only friend. I told a coworker my situation and they helped me put things in perspective.

I moved from depressed to angry. I didn’t know the situation, but I felt used. I’ve had enough people ditch me because I didn’t give them what they wanted anymore. This felt like the same thing. So, I sent a message three days after my apology message…

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Ending a relationship

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Be Happy Now

I used to think a person could make me happy.

Honey, I’m here to tell you – that person is YOU.

A little more than a year ago, I was still in one of my first real, healthy relationships. He was good to me. He LOVED me.

Actually, he loved me more than I thought anyone ever would.

I found myself thinking that love would help me love myself, and love my life even more.

That wasn’t the case.

If you have someone like that in your life – GOOD. That’s an amazing thing. But don’t get lost in the idea that THAT love and THAT relationship can make you happy in all aspects of your life.

It can’t.

Only YOU  can do that.

I found myself staying with him only for those reasons. Not because of how I felt about him, or how we gelled together, or how I…

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