I have serious anxiety when I find myself in sexual situations, and anything negative that I experience during this time will cause me to unconsciously repress any sexual desire I feel for that person unless it is addressed

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I want to move forward, keep trying, face rejection, if need be, speak up whenever I have a serious problem such as this one and never settle for something that is pitifully lacking compared to what I had in mind.


I realised that we are able to manipulate ourselves, not just into bad habits – even into good ones!

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My past didn’t change but I changed how I look at it. Im still on the other side of the world separated from everyone BUT myself – and that was one of the biggest realisations of my life I guess is that there’s no point in feeling alone because I never am, never was and never will be because I got me. And that’s a gift we all have – we have ourselves, always.


When I talk about how if you are not happy then leave, I would like to clarify that you are responsible for your own happiness

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if the relationship is making you miserable and is unhealthy, stop choosing misery and leave.

https://creatinglightwithkelsey.libsyn.com/episode-45-married-and-divorced-before-30 [ via https://creatinglightwithkelsey.com/2021/10/12/married-and-divorced-before-30 ]

When you actually stop and take the time to analyze how you’re feeling and what’s actually beneath it, you can learn a lot

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You’ve likely heard about the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and grief. Grief isn’t as neat and tidy as all that, but these steps do give a bit of a picture of the complexity of grief. Knowing all of this, I was still pretty surprised last night when I realized I’m living in some anger.


Self acceptance is an important ingredient in healing yourself

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It’s easy to have opinions about others and dismiss our own behavior patterns. It took me some time to wrap my head around accepting my raw emotions (good or bad) and then recognize the beauty of accepting myself anyway. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel all emotions, we would never understand the power of self acceptance.


I get to say what I want without censoring, and this allows me to recognize the unconscious bias within my thought-process

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The best part about journaling is it can be done anywhere and anyhow. There are no rules to journaling. You can do it every day or once a month or even when you deem necessary. With journaling there are no constraints, you can write about anything, it could be how your day was, what you did, how you feel, your accomplishments, and even your worries and problems. Additionally, you can do it on your Notes app and lock it or write on a paper then tear it or burn it, or even get a specific book and hide it.


It genuinely feels like he is listening to my experience and making a plan with me, rather than for me

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I feel relief. As though so many different and compounding weights have been lifted off my shoulders. I feel heard, welcomed, supported and loved. I feel hopeful and optimistic about the future, and my role in it. And these are all wonderful feelings to feel, so I wanted to share that with you all!


You are never too broken

Two women, two singers, two lovely voices.

One is younger than I am, and it takes her a long time to get to the point (but at least she makes it on her own website):

You are never too broken


The other is older than I am (so I have listened to her for many years already), and she sums it up this way:

I feel just as bad as I did — but I can buy more ice cream cones