Shopping addiction: Oniomania

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My Simple Goal

Shopping is daily need and to meet it every consumer develops a behavior. Sometimes it is as per need while sometimes it is opportunistic. This opportunistic behavior of shopping is exploited and utilized by marketing czars.

images (1)Most common is display effect. All around advertisements try to influence a consumer. Normal shopping turns to occasional splurges. If not controlled addiction develops making ideal case of “Oniomania”.

Nature of flaunting aggravates it – allure of getting what everyone else seems to have. Loud noise of spending to save more is getting consumerism a measure of social worth. Shopping under influence leads to temporary high and very soon turns to emptiness and unsatisfied with their purchases by visualizing what was not purchased – that must be a better one and they turn to shopping. Cycle goes on and situation worsens. Level of dissatisfaction may be harmful to the extent that addicts may lose…

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