How do you show yourself love?

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Major Issues

The tone of my blog is mostly lighthearted as this is the vibe I try to share and attract to others, with as much humor as appropriately possible. This mentality keeps me positive and in good spirits, but there are naturally times when it is important to be more serious. Today I want to discuss the importance of loving yourself and the best ways to show yourself the tender love it so desperately needs.

One of the most important things to becoming a stronger and overall better person is loving yourself first. If you aren’t happy with yourself then everything you project out into the world will also hold some of this unhappiness and come on now, that’s not fair to anybody else. This by no way means being happy and showing love all the time because we all know that is not realistic or possible. Some days I…

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Running away… From everything

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A life in the shadows

Dear people,

It’s been a long time since I wrote something.
That’s simply because my involvement in the erotic industry became almost non-exist
for the last two years now.
I was doing normal jobs in the meantime.
My last job went quite well (read: a job I could  keep for more than a year).

Unfortunately my anxiety and depression kicked in badly.
I told my boss a few months ago I wanted to quit my job to study again.
First problem. I didn’t have a plan and I still don’t have a plan.
Second problem. I didn’t tell my family. They still think I’m going back to work in January.
I’m so afraid to dissappoint them.
Telling them I have a bad, life-threatening illness (hypothetically) still seems easier to do than just telling the truth.

I’m tired. I want to run far away from all the deceit, lies, lies…I’ve told…

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