I had a pretty good idea about what kind of life I wanted for my kid — it came fast

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I know that I will never lose perspective when it comes to how my illness affects her. It’s so important to me that she knows that my symptoms are not her fault, they’re parts of an illness. Our line of communication will always be honest. I want her to feel comfortable coming to me with questions, and I want to be able to answer as best as I can.


How often do I hurry to get to where I think I want to be and trample on the beauty of the moment?

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We can’t do anything perfectly, but if we could be more aware of “now”, then “where” and “when” would become less important. For me, in the moment, it seems I have everything I need. The goals I set for myself can only be met by the many little decisions I make each day. I tend to be a worrier, but I think this change in thinking will lessen my worry habit. Worry can make me trample the wildflowers while I obsess, plan and embrace anxiety and I need to remember that dead flowers aren’t very pretty.


Many people feel that by not talking about issues and confronting their problems, they are solving the problem – when in reality they are only making it easy for themselves

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Truth is bitter because when one gets the opposite of what they want, they feel disappointed. So it hurts them and exposes some of their vulnerabilities. But you continue to suffer until you take the first step. And the first step to healing or changing is acceptance.


Just imagine how much more energy I’d have to work toward what I want to be working toward if I wasn’t using it all up being anxious and/or angry with myself all the time

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I feel so much freer after realizing the absurdity of just that one lie my inner voice was preaching. I’m sure there are many more false narratives in my head to unravel. The next time my inner voice is telling me something that makes me feel badly about myself, instead of just accepting it as fact, I want to challenge it. If it’s too hard to disengage from in the moment, it might also be a good idea to simply write down what your inner voice is telling you in that moment. Then once you’ve gotten some space from the situation, you can come back and take a look at what you wrote down. I hope we can all learn to listen to our own inner voice in a neutral, passive way so that we may learn something new about ourselves and hopefully discover new ways to improve our lives and our relationship with ourself.


I fear that my grasp on happy is so fragile that it is tested every single day

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Now that I have a revised definition, the hindrances to my happy are glaringly obvious. I crave quiet time, free time, and writing time but rarely have either. I crave being surrounded by things that make me smile. My job is filled with more tasks that frustrate me than those that make me feel fulfilled. And, no matter how much I try, I find it’s difficult to feel present in my body even if my mind is present in the moment; the two are rarely aligned and in agreement. Nearly everything in my life is a responsibility or obligation. The list of things that bring me joy is pretty small, and the furnishing and items around me do not bring me joy. And despite my best wishes, I am practically a sitcom mom. You know the one. She loves her family but is five seconds away from losing her ever-loving mind. It’s not my family, but rather the imbalance of not meeting my own needs, which are so simple yet elusive.


If you want a cheerleader, go to a football game, or join a Facebook echo chamber

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These kind of groups are everywhere, on every platform and in every aspect of life. Echo chambers for every possible perspective, political, emotional, societal … like attracts like after all. We run to people who will validate our pain, who will say “yeah, fuck them!” and we will avoid people who have contrasting viewpoints because we see challenges of our viewpoints as personal attacks instead of examining the ideas in a objective way (because emotions are anything but objective). But refusing to be challenged in any way? Where are the catalysts for growth? Of course no one should be berated in a support group and people should be validated … but what happens after the validation of experience?


I’m not just trying to build a new business, I’m trying to reprogram my brain!

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Productivity is one of the strongest motivators in my previous life. I’m very proud that I’m a hard-working person who will always give you the quickest and best output in the office. This stems from years of traditional Asian education which prioritises good grades/achievement over the process and progress. This particular neural pathway that values the result-based measurement of success makes it very difficult for me to become an entrepreneur.


I realised that we are able to manipulate ourselves, not just into bad habits – even into good ones!

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My past didn’t change but I changed how I look at it. Im still on the other side of the world separated from everyone BUT myself – and that was one of the biggest realisations of my life I guess is that there’s no point in feeling alone because I never am, never was and never will be because I got me. And that’s a gift we all have – we have ourselves, always.


I don’t know where it comes from, but new ideas are flourishing in my [mind]

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Some things in our lives are like muscles. When you lift weights, your muscles get stronger. Writing every day is making me desire to do it more. I want to create new blogs about different subjects.


correction: the link above no longer works — but the same text is still available via https://padefo.wordpress.com/2021/02/20/new-projects (at least for now 😉 )

When our crown is crooked, we need to adjust it ourselves and remember the Queens that we are!

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The unf*ckening is when we take our power back-with absolutely no point to prove. It’s deciding the pain no longer serves us and that our truth is all that mattered. That we know in our soul, we gave it everything we had. We were honest about our feelings. We didn’t bury or hide our truth and we had the courage to dig deep, dance with our shadows and do the f*cking hard work to heal.