If you want a cheerleader, go to a football game, or join a Facebook echo chamber

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These kind of groups are everywhere, on every platform and in every aspect of life. Echo chambers for every possible perspective, political, emotional, societal … like attracts like after all. We run to people who will validate our pain, who will say “yeah, fuck them!” and we will avoid people who have contrasting viewpoints because we see challenges of our viewpoints as personal attacks instead of examining the ideas in a objective way (because emotions are anything but objective). But refusing to be challenged in any way? Where are the catalysts for growth? Of course no one should be berated in a support group and people should be validated … but what happens after the validation of experience?


I have serious anxiety when I find myself in sexual situations, and anything negative that I experience during this time will cause me to unconsciously repress any sexual desire I feel for that person unless it is addressed

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I want to move forward, keep trying, face rejection, if need be, speak up whenever I have a serious problem such as this one and never settle for something that is pitifully lacking compared to what I had in mind.


I’ve got time to savor it

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In years past, once spring began, I was impatient for summer. I felt it would never arrive. The little sprouts of green in March excited me when they first appeared, but they weren’t enough. I wanted the full floral bloom of July. I wanted petals and blossoms and flower spikes. I wanted blazing stars, daisies, mikweeds, zinnias. I wanted heat and butterflies. I wanted it to be June in April.


I’m not just trying to build a new business, I’m trying to reprogram my brain!

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Productivity is one of the strongest motivators in my previous life. I’m very proud that I’m a hard-working person who will always give you the quickest and best output in the office. This stems from years of traditional Asian education which prioritises good grades/achievement over the process and progress. This particular neural pathway that values the result-based measurement of success makes it very difficult for me to become an entrepreneur.


Sometimes I ask that same question and wonder why life couldn’t have gone differently… couldn’t have been a bit smoother

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As someone with a sleep disorder and a mood disorder I relate to the need for a nap and a snack to calm me down most of the time. Haha! So out of this simple Bible story and my own life story Nap and a Snack was born.