The more curious you are about life, the more confused you will be

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This is how human brain functions! And that’s great thing to have because the urge to remove that confusion will let you be one step closer to enhance your knowledge, to see things more profoundly, to understand life and things related to life in a better way.

When Depression Makes You Feel Helpless

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Depressed & Alone

My last depression cycle, which started in January and didn’t end until late February.

Despite the feelings that I had to deal with during the cycle, coming out of the fog has really helped me reflect on my feelings during this turbulent time. One sense that seems to always be intensified when I am dealing with depression–being alone in this fight.

I know “in this fight” I have all of my fellow mental illness suffers that I can turn to when I am depressed, and I always do by writing blogs to make connections. Depression has been my oldest companion in this life, and it is the longest relationship that I have ever had (granted it is one of those on again, off again things.) Depression always leaves me with thoughts about being alone.

When life is good and depression is on the back burner, my life…

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