Fucking Revenge Thought

Depression, Hope, Love, Pray, Stranger, Thought

Dancing Brain

I just saw you from a distance, actually not seeing, we are connected only through media chat for the last time. All the agony that I poured out at that time really backfired that killed me right now. Impingement of resentment from 3 years waiting without contact really made me like a C4 bomb. You are my light, I swear.

Remember the first time we met after 3 years broken up? You’re still the same, still sick (in good sense). You are my escape, from a insoluble labyrinth of  thoughts, from a never-resolved array of puzzles, from a body without a heart. And you never really understood that feeling even though I explained it as clearly as the moon at night.

Some of me think it’s the part of you that I love the most, and some of the things I hate the most. Yes, because I really don’t…

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