Totally lost?

anxiety , aspergers syndrome , attachment theory , depression , loneliness

5 thoughts on “Totally lost?

  1. Hi, is your purpose with this site to laugh about people’s problems? Why do you copy other people’s writings without asking their permission?


    1. I am interested in other people… and yet I don’t really understand your questions. Maybe they’re too short for me to fully grasp what you are getting at (?)


      1. Just wondering why you have a blog that is based on other people’s stories. Interested about other people… – in what ways?


  2. Unfortunately, the author seems to have deleted the original post. 😐

    I thought it was very well written, and I hope the author does not lose it.

    At the moment, Google cache still provides a copy (though regretably doesn’t).

    If you can no longer find the text + want to read it, please send me a msg + I will send you a copy (with the author’s information removed, seeing as the person seems to be concerned about that).

    Sorry for the mishap!


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