Avoiding outer conflict leads to inner conflict.

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Practical Spirituality

Conflict, most people hate it, most people try to avoid it at all costs but conflict in a way can be a productive thing, people that have the ability to disagree, to argue and to come to an agreement not only learn how to learn to deal with conflict better in the future but it also helps the two parties in conflict grow closer and understand each other better.

” Be a nice person, don’t cause trouble” we may have been told that at a young age, or tell ourselves that if we believe we are a ” good” or ” nice” person and it’s true, we shouldn’t go around causing trouble, but sometimes we can take it too far, sometimes we can feel that speaking up for what we want is causing trouble, let me explain.

I personally grew up trying to please people constantly, I always thought that…

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Fucking Revenge Thought

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Dancing Brain

I just saw you from a distance, actually not seeing, we are connected only through media chat for the last time. All the agony that I poured out at that time really backfired that killed me right now. Impingement of resentment from 3 years waiting without contact really made me like a C4 bomb. You are my light, I swear.

Remember the first time we met after 3 years broken up? You’re still the same, still sick (in good sense). You are my escape, from a insoluble labyrinth of  thoughts, from a never-resolved array of puzzles, from a body without a heart. And you never really understood that feeling even though I explained it as clearly as the moon at night.

Some of me think it’s the part of you that I love the most, and some of the things I hate the most. Yes, because I really don’t…

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