Once you know that we’re all a little bit imperfect, it’s easier to let yourself be imperfect, too

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Being vulnerable can make us terribly sad, but it can also open us up to the possibility of being terribly happy. Because once you know that we’re all a little bit imperfect, it’s easier to let yourself be imperfect, too.


It’s good to be sad sometimes

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“Don’t be sad” is a phrase often said, among others, to comfort a friend or loved one. Yet it’s a phrase that should perhaps be said less. The constant repression of emotions can feel encouraged, and yet the release actually ends up feeling a lot better. It’s okay to cry. In fact, it’s good to cry. You could spend all day completely fine, enjoying yourself with friends or family or by yourself, and then all of a sudden you feel awful. You’re sad for whatever reason, and that is okay. You shouldn’t bottle it in. I myself have a history of doing just that. Realistically, I know that I shouldn’t do it, and that it’s better to let it out. That doesn’t stop me from doing it. It’s not so black and white. Easy to know, harder to do. As are most things. It’s hard to let go sometimes and…

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The Truth Behind My Smile

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When I posted these pictures a year ago, everyone commented on how happy I looked and they loved the smile on my face.


My relationship had traumatically come to an end two days before these pictures were taken.

This is the fakest smile.

I had just moved to start travelling, and I had two options; Stay in my hotel room and cry, or;

Force myself out of bed and get dressed

Force some fake enthusiasm to explore the country I am now alone in

I forced a fake smile.

Don’t always assume.

Not all smiles are real.

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proving the cheery people wrong

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I Conquer Suicide Everyday

One thing I’ve realized is that I have this weird need to prove the cheery people wrong. The ones that are always trying to end cap something with *well at least* and *let me send you cat pictures to cheer you up*.

I don’t really know for sure why. I don’t mean to be a debbie downer. I’m not actually. But with them, it’s almost as though I am on purpose. Like I’m a complete realist. I don’t tell them what’s going on with the rose -colored optimism and a lift up on the end. I tell them with the exact opposite. The grim, straight-laced reality version. I’m working but it’s still not enough. I have great feedback but don’t know how to make it into an income stream. I’ve got a ton of bills that need to be paid yesterday and no idea how they will be. Yes, the…

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