We should be proud that we did it, and honor those we lost

Keywords: New Chapters , Good Things Jar , Gratitude , Hope , New Year , New Yearʹs Resolutions , Optimism , Year In Review

In the past I’ve reported the contents of my Good Things Jar. The first time I wrote about it was January 2015. Any time there is something good, it gets written onto a scrap of paper and tossed into the jar. Back then, Tara was living with me and we both contributed. We had intended a tradition of reviewing the good things to start off our Januarys, but we skipped a couple years, then Tara moved away for college.


2 thoughts on “We should be proud that we did it, and honor those we lost

    1. Hi Crystal 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your opinion! IMHO my level of literacy is quite high, and although it may *seem* to you as if I reposted your blog post, that is not actually what I did. You may have overlooked the fact that I used the blockquote appropriately, and that I also attributed the source correctly. Perhaps you also overlooked the fact that I have given your blog post additional exposure, because I liked what you said. Today, kids in school are not normally taught the literacy skills required for the web. I wrote a sort of “primer” @ https://contextual.news.blog/2020/04/22/introduction-to-rational-media-content-vs-container — but I actually write a LOT about all sorts of related topics (if you click around a little bit, I’m sure you will find many more).

      You have many EXCELLENT ideas in that post — and I strongly recommend that anyone who reads this visit *YOUR* blog in order to check them out some more (instead of just *imagining* what *might* be below the tip of the iceberg).

      Like Sting (& The Police) said: Keep it up!

      😀 Norbert

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